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In 2017 we created our security and awareness concept, ‘’Which Way To Panama?’’ which will be implemented at Tempelhof Sounds. Bar personell, security personell, festival helpers, and many crew members know how to react to this security question and are able to help remove guests from their current situation and bring them to a safe place.

With the question, ’’Which way to Panama?’’ there will be immediate, uncomplicated help in every situation. We feel certain that it is important to offer this help beginning at even the smallest need for assistance. That is why there are no follow-up questions or assessments when Panama is asked about.

And of course this is gender-neutral and independent of the situation. The reason doesn’t always have to be about feeling uncomfortable with another person. Not feeling comfortable could also be, for example, that you’re suffering from low blood circulation, you’re overwhelmed, or you can’t find your friends.

We will communicate to our visitors what exactly this concept will look like at Tempelhof Sounds well in advance of the event, as well as make it available on site.


Awareness & Safety