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Let's get to work!



We understand Tempelhof Sounds as a process, as something that grows. The mission is to always work on ourselves and to never stop moving.

We want to take responsibility for our environment as well as see and feel that mutual respect and togetherness at the festival is a given. We are aware of our responsibility to society and we want to show what is possible at a festival in terms of sustainability. To do this we call upon our experience, our professionalism, and the high standard of quality we expect. Based on this, we begin to think in a fresh way, with our finger on the pulse of the times and looking to the future, while at the same time remaining economical, efficient, and goal-oriented.

We always maintain an eye-level partnership with our guests and our crew. We want to be role models and set a good example, take advantage of surprising moments, and inspire both thought as well as a more ecological way of life and a more social understanding of community.

We have a long way ahead of us but when we go it together it will be not only green, but colorful. And we are excited about what we have yet to learn along the way.


Let’s get to work! Let’s make it happen!