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At Tempelhof Sounds, in addition to water-flushed toilets, there will also be dry toilets instead of portable toilets. Thanks to a sophisticated separating mechanism they are odourless, use no water, and are very convenient.

Then why not outfit all of Tempelhof Sounds with eco toilets? There are several reasons why. Firstly, we need more eco toilets on the grounds than the German market can supply in order to ensure each guest has a positive experience. Furthermore, it is not (yet) permissible by law to use the humus generated from the resulting waste products as fertilizer - or only in field tests (pun intended).

We therefore want to use eco toilets as supplemental at Tempelhof Sounds 2022 because we think it’s important to support the establishment of more sustainable alternatives on the market with our product demand.
Equality and empowerment are just as important to us as ecological sustainability. That’s why all toilets will be unisex and there will be urinals for all genders.