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  • Lost & Found

    During the festival you can hand in lost property at the Infopoint. Everything that has not been collected by the end of the event on Sunday will be handed over to our lost and found office. Just write a mail to


  • About Us

    In the beginning there was a city with its people, an airport with its unparalleled history – and a wish to create a music festival right there, right then, for all people. It was to be a meeting place for cultures, to bring people together, to connect and allow differences and similarities to be shared and celebrated.

    We create a place where people who enjoy music can come together. People who want to have a good time with friends but are still open to meeting new people and who want to just feel free. Fun and comfort accompany the wish to enjoy live music and culture together, to be inspired by new people, and discover new things.

    We are thankful for the freedom and the possibility the present day holds for us. The future is now. We show our appreciation through an ecological awareness and a sustainable approach. We are a part of the societal shift and are aware that music festivals are only really fun when they happen with a sense of the common good. And that is what Tempelhof Sounds has in mind – along with a lovingly selected line-up. It’s for those who are simply curious. With diverse, regionally connected, and high-quality culinary options in a relaxed “summer after work’’ atmosphere, Tempelhof Sounds will draw into the city of Berlin and find its way right to the heart.

     The World in Berlin. Uniting People Through Music. Tempelhof Sounds.

  • Ticketinfo

    Festival Pass

    Your ticket for the festival weekend. The festival pass includes access to the event site for the entire time of the festival. You’ll receive a festival wristband that will allow you to enter and exit the site anytime you wish within the hours of the event for the entire festival weekend. Every entrance will require a security check.

    Day Pass

    Your ticket for one festival day. The day pass includes access to the event site for a festival day of your choice in advance. You’ll receive a festival wristband that will allow you to enter and exit the site anytime you wish within the hours of the event on that day. Every entrance will require a security check.

    Special Experience

    Enjoy Tempelhof Sounds in one of the lounges - with a clear view of the main stage. In addition to a pleasant ambience, comfortable seating areas and your own sanitary facilities, you have the opportunity to choose between various drinks (not included in the ticket price).

    If you wish, you can get exclusive insights on a backstage tour (not included in the ticket price, registration possible on site)! If you have any further questions, please contact us by email:


    Would you like another exclusive upgrade? Then we have the VIP Box Upgrade for you and three of your friends. Experience the Tempelhof Sounds in exclusive VIP boxes with a free view of the main stage. You also have the possibility to choose a food offer of your choice - Lunch & Candybar (BASS), Candybar & Dinner (BEAT) or you feast the whole day (HIGHNOTE). This food package is made for four people and and includes fingerfood, flying buffet or several desserts and mains.

    Get your upgrade now directly via the BOOK button.

    Translated with (free version)

    Make business a party! Experience high-quality and spectacular live entertainment and create an exclusive setting with our boxes to spoil your customers, employees or family & friends.
    This is where it gets really classy: a large balcony, valet parking, faster entry and a first-class view of the main stage await you. A full drinks fridge is ready, just like a cold and warm buffet, as well as exclusive support from the service staff - all in a cozy atmosphere.

    For more information just contact

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  • How to get there

    We recommend choosing an environmentally friendly travel option. Because of our central location we are well connected with the public transport system and arriving by bike or on foot is also easily possible. Plus, you’ll make your ecological footprint a little bit smaller!

    Access is via Tempelhofer Damm, 52°28'24.1″N 13°23'11.0″E, in close proximity to S+U Tempelhof and is signposted on site.

    There are limited parking possibilities reserved for persons with a disability on the grounds, free of charge. Please follow the appropriate signs and the instructions of our service team on site. 

    Public Transport
    Tempelhof Sounds is in cooperation with the Berlin Transport Services (BVG) for a Co2-reduced traffic volume on arrival and departure. All journeys with the Berlin Transport Service (BVG) are already included in the ticket price. Your ticket is valid on the days of the event 2 hours before the official admission and until 3 a.m. the following day in the Berlin ABC tariff area.

    Please note that only

    • Hardtickets with VBB Logo on it
    • Print@Home tickets plus the printed ticket
    • The festival ribbon 

    is valid as proof of travel!

    • Underground: With the underground line 6 to “Platz der Luftbrücke” station or “Tempelhof” station.
    • Railway: With the tram lines S41, S42, S45 or S46 to “Tempelhof” station.
    • Bus: With city bus line 104 to the “Platz der Luftbrücke” station or with city bus line 140 to the “Tempelhof” station.

    Bike here! When you get to the event grounds you can park your bike free of charge at our signposted bike parking spaces on site. Please bring your own lock to use the temporary bike racks.

    Bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, electro scooters or private motorized vehicles are not allowed within the event. This does not apply, of course, to medical wheeled walkers, wheelchairs, and electric wheelchairs.

    Leave the car behind if you can and come with the public transport! There are no parking lots in the area of the event site. Should driving with the car be unavoidable, please pay attention to any closures around the event area and make a wide berth of the grounds. Use the space and form carpools! Sharing is caring!

    Parking spots can be found at the fairgrounds in Masurenallee, Hammarskjöldplatz and Jafféstraße, and cost a fee. From there you can take the railway towards Tempelhof. Berlin Exhibition Center: Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin (52.50133°N / 13.27431°E)

  • Site Plans
  • Festival Grounds

    You come to the event grounds with only your festival wristband. This is available at the entrance in exchange for a valid admission ticket and will be fastened around your wrist. Admission to the event site is only allowed with an original festival wristband which is undamaged and sealed closed with the original closure.

    At the festival entrance there will be security check points. Please be aware that these checks are conducted for your own safety.

    Please note that you cannot bring luggage or larger bags to the festival. Leave large bags at home or at the hotel. Bring only the most necessary things; let’s work together to minimize waiting times.

    Bring along

    • Bum bags, hip bags, jute bags, gym bags size A4 (21 x 30 cm) and smaller
    • Liquid hygiene and health products up to 100 ml (max. 2 pcs. / per person) in suitable plastic containers 
    • Umbrellas up to a maximum length of one forearm when folded 

    Leave at home

    • Food and drinks of all kinds
    • Glass bottles and glasses of any kind (wine bottles, schnaps bottles, wine glasses, etc.) are forbidden on the entire festival grounds
    • Bags and backpacks of all kinds larger than size A4 (21 x 30 cm)
    • Filled Tetra packs/drinking bottles
    • Jars, canisters, hydration packs and plastic bottles
    • Firearms, cutting, stabbing, or assault weapons of any kind
    • Saws, axes, hatchets and similar tools
    • Fireworks, sparklers, star throwers and other pyrotechnic objects of all kinds (including Bengal fires)
    • Chairs and seating furniture of any kind (example: styrofoam cubes)
    • Recording equipment: professional sound, photo and video equipment
    • Animals of any kind – with the exception of assistance dogs – are not allowed on the event site at any time
    • Bulky items like flagpoles, selfie sticks, large umbrellas, motorcycle helmets
  • Accessibility

    It should be possible for every music fan to visit Tempelhof Sounds and we make a great effort so our guests with a disability can enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable festival experience. We give much thought to how we can make the process of accessibility at our festival better and more accommodating. We are always very glad to hear your ideas and suggestions at 

    Wheelchair-accessible platforms will be built in front of the first and second stage. Depending on the occupancy, our guests who have a handicap ID but do not have a wheelchair can stay there. The entire event area is asphalted and thus enables wheelchair-accessible stays in all event areas.

    If you have a “B” on your ID you are entitled to bring an accompanying person free of charge. We would like to ask you to fill out our registration form. We will put it online here until about 4 weeks before the event. This way we can offer you a stress-free and smooth check-in on site and respond to your needs in the best possible way.

    you will support us in our planning. The wristbands will be assigned after you present your ID at the entrance. Please note that we can only check in accompanying persons who arrive together with the person with a disability.

    You will find barrier-free toilets with hand-washing facilities on site.

    For those of you bringing medications with you to the festival: Medical verification concerning the necessity of your medication will help guarantee that you will be allowed to bring them onto the event grounds. Medication which needs to be stored cooled can be given to the medical service in the medical tents. There the medications can be refrigerated for you.

    Please note that it is possible that some acts will use strobe lighting / effects as part of their performance.

  • Rules & Safety

    We also think music is at its most beautiful when it’s loud and you can feel it. The music will stay with you just as long with hearing protection, and in fact all the longer. We measure the noise level continuously but we advise you nonetheless to wear ear plugs. If you don’t have any ear plugs with you we can supply you with them at the info point.

    All laws and legal procedures apply at the event site. The festival was planned with the responsible security authorities and is supervised by the police, the fire brigade, and the medical service. Furthermore, hundreds of marshals (security) are on duty to make the festival safe and to ensure fun for you and everyone involved.

    In an emergency, please contact our security staff at any time - they know what to do and will help you immediately. If necessary, our security service will put you in touch with the police.

    Should something seem strange to you please do not hesitate to make a report, even if you are not sure if it is really an emergency. Did you see something? Say something! Better one too many times than one too few.

    If there is a medical emergency, the paramedics at the festival will be alerted simultaneously by our security staff. Prepare yourself for the following questions:

    • Where is the patient?
    • What happened?
    • How many are injured?
    • What are the injuries?
    • Who is reporting this (name)?
    • Wait for further questions!

    Everyone should feel equally welcome and comfortable at Tempelhof Sounds. That is why we stand for open, tolerant, and respectful behavior with one another. Without exception, we advocate equality, diversity and justice and have no tolerance for any form of discrimination and discriminatory attitude.

    We ask that everyone show consideration and moral courage for a safe festival so that it becomes an unforgettable festival experience for each of us. The domiciliary right lies with the promoter and their authorized third party during the entire festival. The instructions of the security staff of the promoter must be followed.

    People who wear clothing with inhuman, homophobic, right-wing extremist, or any other discriminatory background or who carry racist, xenophobic and/or radical propaganda material will not be allowed to enter the grounds and will not be given a ticket refund. People who stand out on the site due to the above-mentioned statements or behavior will be expelled from the event site immediately without reimbursement.



    Which way to PANAMA?

    It is very important to us that every person at the festival feels welcome, comfortable, and safe. With this in mind, the project ‘’Which Way To Panama?’’ was launched in 2017. The concept strives for the continual awareness of all persons affected and the advancement of social empathy and pursues the goal of creating a safe space for everyone equally.


    lazyloaded Image
    • Did you see something strange?
    • Do you feel uncomfortable, cornered, or harassed?
    • Were you – verbally or physically – assaulted?

    Ask the following people “Which way to Panama?”:

    Bar staff, marshals (security staff), festival staff, police, paramedics, and all other crew members with a green-purple bracelet with the word PANAMA on it.
    The festival crew will offer you their help without further questions or comments and bring you / the person in need of help into a protected environment.

    Every festival guest is personally liable for any damage they may cause.

    The obtainment and consumption of reportable objects and substances of any kind (drugs) on the event site is illegal.

    Crowdsurfing is forbidden due to its extremely high probability of resulting in injury.

    Laser pointers are forbidden on the entire event grounds.

    The operation of unmanned aviation systems (drones and other remote-controlled flight models) is strictly prohibited on the entire event site. An exception to this prohibition is only possible for the security authorities themselves and for the promoter in the context of consultation with the responsible authorities.

  • Children & underage guests

    Children under the age of 6

    Babies and toddlers under 6 years of age are not allowed into the festival or event grounds.

    Children and youths between the ages of 6 and 15

    ... only in the company of a person with parental authority

    We strongly advise you not to bring children to the festival. A music festival puts a significant strain (volume, etc.) on children. Under consideration of youth protection legislation, the participation of minors in the festival is determined by the parents/persons with parental authority. According to the German Civil Code (BGB), parents/persons with parental authority have the obligation and the right to look after the underage child (under 18). Ultimately, the parents/persons with parental authority must decide on a child’s travel to and presence at the festival.

    Children and youths under the age of 16 are allowed on the event grounds only when accompanied by a person with parental authority or, with the written consent of a person with parental authority and a copy of the personal identity card of the person with parental authority, accompanied by a custodial guardian. Statutory restrictions apply to the dispensing and consumption of alcoholic drinks and to the dispensing of tobacco products and smoking. Any youths caught drinking or smoking during checks under youth protection legislation will be sent home.

    Youths aged between 16 and 17

    ... after midnight only with the written permission of a person with parental authority

    Youths aged between 16 and 18 may stay on the event grounds after midnight only with the written permission of a person with parental authority. The note of permission must be carried by the youth at all times during the festival and shown when requested. The note of permission must also be accompanied by a copy of the personal ID of the person with parental authority.