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Up to 1.7 million tons of CO2 are avoided every year through the recycling of packaging alone, according to the Deutsche Umwelthilfe. Efficiently and cleanly separating trash at large events is a huge challenge and that is exactly why we are taking it on. The first step we will take is to save any avoidable waste. The second step is to look for sustainable alternatives for products that cannot be avoided. It is important that these be properly disposed of, recycled, or in the best case compostable. We have therefore drawn up a detailed waste concept that dictates the management of waste on site as well as documentation and disposal channels - both for waste generated by festival guests as well as waste generated behind the scenes.

Our partners and service providers receive exact specifications from us in advance for separating and processing the waste and there will be mandatory obligations backstage to cleanly separate waste, along with the means to do so. We also want to support our guests with correctly separating and disposing of their waste (for example) with help from understandable and accessible signs.

Together we can create a new standard for waste and recycling at large events and in doing so make big savings. Let’s treasure the trash!